A Canadian brewed company providing performance golf clothing from the touring pro making a living on the weekends to the beauty teeing it up with his buddies for the good times.


Longball was created by three Canadian guys passionate about the game of golf and the lifestyle that goes along with it. They were out of university, working full time and looking for a way to stay connected with the sport while supporting one of their long times friends who was turning professional. With the baby boomers retiring the creators had noticed a gap in the industry where there was a strong need for a young, fun brand that was developed by the player for the player…and so Longball Inc. was launched.

Our Mission:

A Canadian brewed company inspiring athletes around the world to work hard and play harder. Our uniquely designed performance apparel and accessories promote this lifestyle before, during and after the game.


Breaking the traditional mold of golf, making Longball an essential part of everyone’s lifestyle.


We cultivate POSITIVE, HONEST relationships, with our customers and each other, founded on PROFESSIONALISM, TRUST and RESPECT.

We are RELENTLESS in PURSUING challenges and continuous improvements to ensure we exceed our customer’s expectations because we are PASSIONATE and DETERMINED in everything we do.

Longball Firetruck Coming Summer 2016

At longball we have designed and converted a 1960 International Fire Truck into a unique promotional experience for all. With the kegs tapped, BBQ fired up and the music pumping, Longball knows how to bring the life to the party.

Open for golf tournaments and promotional events this summer. Contact us at golow@longball.com for more information.